Over the last 18 years of fitting deadlocks, slam locks and other additional van security in Kent, we have notice that van break-ins have been consistently on the increase. Whilst driving around Kent it's a familiar sight to see van locks and handles that have been attacked. The van manufacturer's locks are just not secure enough to stop these attacks.

Unfortunately, most of the van locks we fit are for customers who have already had their vans broken into, who have already experienced the loss of their tools, as well as the loss of a day or twos work and wages due to having no tools. Be aware, it is a common misconception that vans are only broken into at night, under the cover of darkness; in fact, due to the speed the manufacturer's locks can be forced open, most vans are broken into during the day, whilst either parked in the road or in a car park.


Deadlocks are additional locks which are normally fitted into the door and locking into the door post or frame. These locks remain unlocked, allowing the operator to use the manufacturer's locks as normal, until additional security is needed and the key is used to operate the deadbolt. The deadlocks we fit have Thatcham approved, high security anti-drill euro cylinders, hardened steel deadbolt inserts, are secured with stainless steel rivets, are supplied with two strong nickel keys and are neatly siliconed to prevent rust.

Slam locks

Slamlocks are used when a customer wants the van to automatically lock as soon as the door is closed. Whether itís for a courier company, or a company who wants to make sure their employees are locking their vans, these are a great solution. The slam locks we fit are Thatcham approved, have high security anti-drill cylinders, are supplied with two strong nickel keys, and are neatly siliconed to prevent rust.

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