In many situations, if you are having problems locking or opening your upvc door, it will be a simple case of adjusting the hinges or keep plate/s. if this is not the case it will either be a fault with the multi-point lock, the euro cylinder or the handles. We keep 35 different sizes of euro cylinders in stock, in both brass and silver finishes.


There are many different manufacturers of multi-point locks for upvc doors. Each manufacturer will make several different types and sizes of lock. if your multi-point lock needs to be replaced we can usually replace the gearbox (the centre lock that the handles and cylinder go through) which is usually the part that goes wrong.


if the euro cylinder needs to be replaced we can replace it straight away with the correct size to suit your door and handles. Be aware, your euro cylinders should not protrude from the handles by more than 4mm, if it does it is a risk from being snapped and you may not be cover by your insurance. Some companies only carry a small amount of euro cylinders, so it is unlikely that they will fit a cylinder which is the right size or finish to suit your door or door handles.


if your handles need to be replaced we can replace them like-for-like, or they can be upgraded to PAS24 handles for increased security


Other ways of securing your upvc doors are sash jammers, which can be used as additional security as well as to preventing small children from opening the door from the inside. Heavy-duty flush bolts, to increase security on pairs of doors. Hinge bolts, for added security on outward opening doors. Letter box cowls, to prevent keys from being fished out through the letter box.


We can also fit and replace door restrictors and dampners, door closers, door knockers, door viewers (spy holes), letter boxes , hinges, window handles and window mechanisms.