Most garage doors are secured by a single locking handle near the centre of the door or roller shutter. Whether its an up and over tilting garage door, a roller shutter door, or a wooden, fibre glass, steel or plastic garage door; not only can we open, replace and make keys to these locks, but we can also fit additional locks and bolts to them. and ground anchors for chaining down valuable equipment.


Garages, sheds and cabins are frequently used to store expensive tools and equiptment in. A badly secured garage door is an easy target for thieves, and quite often the tools and ladders inside the garage are used to break into the house itself, and as most garages that are attached to the house have an internal door to the house, once the garage door is shut the burglars are then hidden from view.


A good quality lock, or pair of locks is recommended for garage doors, as well as having a ground anchor fitted, so that any expensive equiptment can be chained down.