Domestic aluminium doors


Domestic aluminium doors can have a number of different locks securing them, mainly being multi-point locks, mortice locks and rim nightlatches. Although most domestic aluminium doors were fitted sometime ago, the doors and hinges are very hard wearing, and most of the locks and handles are still available if they need replacing. So do not worry if your lock is broken, calling us out to open and replace your lock will be much cheaper than a new door.


A common problem on aluminium doors is that the hinges drop and the door becomes difficult to open and close, and lock and unlock. Do not worry, as most aluminium doors can be realigned.


Commercial aluminium doors


Commercial aluminium doors have been used on a large scale in shop fronts, schools and business. There are only a few different types of locks designed for aluminium doors, such as hook bolts, swing bolts, nightlatches and panic hardware. Not only can we open, replace, upgrade and fit additional locks to these doors, but we can also replace flush bolts, door closers and pivots on badly closing, opening and aligned doors.